Intellivision Astrosmash Shootoff Contest

Astromash Shootoff

From 10:00am to 3:00pm the Astrosmash Shootoff Contest will be underway in the Intellivision booth. Dust off your 1980s video game skills and aim for the high score in this classic game for the Intellivision console! Or even if you have never played before, it’s simple to play and hopefully win!

Astrosmash was the first non-sports Intellivision cartridge to top one million units sold. It became so popular that Mattel Electronics sponsored regional Astrosmash tournaments across the country, culminating in the original $250,000 Astrosmash Shootoff in Houston, Texas in 1983. That was actually the first major video game competition in the world! Finalists competed for the top prize of $100,000.

And now in 2015, we are recreating the Astrosmash Shootoff at Yestercon. Unfortunately, we don’t have $100,000 to award, but competitors can win one of the fine Intellivision Productions items for sale – game collections, T-shirts and more!

Shootoff Rules
• You will be given three minutes to practice and get used to the controllers.
• At the end of three minutes, your AstroRef will hit RESET on the Intellivision console. Press the controller disc when you are ready to begin. (You must start on the DISC-speed level [fastest].)
• You can use or not use the AUTO-FIRE mode, whichever you prefer (we’d suggest you do).
• Your goal is to reach the top score in ONE LIFE. As soon as your laser cannon explodes, your attempt ends.
• Your AstroRef will record your high score. (Since Astrosmash scores go up and down, the game displays both a final score and a high score at the end of the game. Your HIGH SCORE is the one that counts and will be entered.)
• One hour before the convention closes, the winner for that day will be announced. Please return to the Intellivision booth at some point within that hour to see if you have the high score. The holder of the high score each day will receive a coupon for any one item for sale in the Intellivision booth. (All items in booth are priced at $20 or less.)


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